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Since its inception in early 2000, Flash games have been an important milestone for most computer users in general and the Internet in particular, due to their simplicity and low requirements as they were available and available on most Internet browsers on computers and almost free to users, where all that is required is Having a web browser on the computer with an Internet connection and downloading the game to the browser and playing directly.

Large numbers of flash games appeared, starting with small versions with simple graphics and gradually evolving and later newer versions were released with better graphics, more stages and varied gameplay. Many flash games have stopped working, but a good number of them are still available and have a large number of players.

Flash Games

Jacksmith Game
A simple game based on the principle that the player takes the role of blacksmith in a small town, and his role is to arm his army of warriors who are pigs.The player makes weapons in a special place in the game, these weapons are swords and hammers using the resources he collects from fighting with enemies, where he collects iron, bronze, coins and gems, all used in the manufacture of these weapons.

The battles in the game play against enemies automatically, and success and progress depends on the quality of weapons manufactured and selected appropriately, and stages become increasingly difficult. The game is fun and players feel satisfied when completing missions.
One of the most famous and fun flash games, the game was first designed in 1993.This game is the nucleus and basis of shooting games from a personal perspective (first-person shooter), where the player finds himself with his weapon in an unknown space base and with his weapon, and his task is to eliminate the monsters and creatures space within this abandoned space base, trying to escape without Be eliminated.

The game consists of nine stages, it becomes increasingly difficult to eliminate monsters at each stage, and although the graphics of the game may now appear primitive and unpleasant, but it was a qualitative leap at the beginning of its appearance and gained a large number of players.The game is still available to this day and can be tried and still offers some fun.

A traditional flash game that spread in early 2000.The principle of the game is based on placing the player in a campaign to search for the booty and precious metal buried under the surface of Mars.This search and exploration is done by controlling an underground robot, the player controls the robot and drilling in all directions to reach the minerals and booty buried and then reach the surface of the earth.

The player can update the robot with the resources he gets within the game, such as placing an additional fuel tank and obtaining new drilling tools in addition to explosives to remove obstacles, and then reach the ground and refuel the robot and then continue drilling in the following stages.The game may not be attractive at the moment but it is still worth a try.
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